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Born in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. Hated school. Loved the streets. But went on later to study arts and latin-american studies at SFSU in San Francisco, California. Phd in art history at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, England. And currently living in the wonderful city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, teaching english, working on several different art projects and blogging at ARThropophagyas ( I'm a nomad at heart, curious about all cultures, sub-cultures and counter-cultures, passionate about travelling, learning and writing.

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Lusofonia: Buala “dá fala” sobre culturas africanas contemporâneas

Propõem “criar novos olhares, despretensiosos e descolonizados” sobre as culturas africanas contemporâneas em língua portuguesa. Em entrevista ao Global Voices, Marta Lança e Francisca Bagulho, falam-nos sobre a produção do Buala: “um portal interdisciplinar de reflexão, crítica e documentação”. “Dá...